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John Steels Shortlisted for Coach of the Year 2014!

Congratulations to Leicestershire's John Steels (UKCC Level 3 Coach) who has been shortlisted for Coach of the Year 2014. The winner of this prestigious award will be announced at the British Showjumping Awards Ball on the 7 October.

Ruth Tyler (East and East Midlands Development Officer said:

"I am delighted that John has been shortlisted. He has been instrumental in the ‘Leicestershire Winter Training Series’ which has given regular training in the area throughout the winter months to members, non-members, juniors and seniors. These sessions have been so popular that they have continued into the summer season. John has a natural ability to install confidence in riders and it is a credit to him that so many keep returning for training."

Midland Equestrian - Horse And Rider Training

Here at Midland Equestrian we are also able to offer training packages where riders and their horses can benefit from our excellent facilities and wealth of knowledge. Training falls under three categories:

1. Standard Lessons or Private Clinics:

These last 1hr. A work together with the client to begin to solve any problems that they may be facing. These shorter training sessions can also be useful for helping the rider to assess their horse and plan realistic goals for the forthcoming competition season. They can also give the rider new ideas to take away with them to add more interest to their work at home.

2. Horse Training:

You could let us do all the hard work, and send your horse to us for schooling! This is an excellent way of targeting specific problems; horse training can be anything from one week to one month, and we usually suggest that you have at least one lesson on your horse before taking him back home. If necessary during the time that your horse stays with us we can also take him to competitions to aid his development in the ring.

3. Yearly Plan

This is the most beneficial as we make a years structured plan for you and your horse to peak when you need to and understand the management of your season. This is on a wider and higher level of intensity of improvement and requires commitment in all areas for this to work. This service also provides when appropriate coaching at shows and support from via telephone and videos to give you added reassurance in all areas when possible. This is based on a yearly fee payable on direct debit monthly.

Prices for Training
This can vary depending on the package that you think will be most suitable for yourself and your horse so if you are interested it's always best to give me a call to discuss your needs. But as a general rule:

  • Standard Lessons: £60 for a 1 hr private lesson - 2 people £90 for 1 hr semi private lesson - 3 people for 1 hr group lesson £105.00
  • Horse Training: £250 for week one, rates are negotiable for training longer than one week.


Louise McEvoy

I sent my horse for training with John. She was green and the main purpose was to get her jumping a course and introducing her to new surroundings. I had also struggled massively with getting a canter strike off (although she would do it perfectly for everyone else) which had resulted in a year and a half of us doing everything but cantering. She was also a problem loader - sometimes taking up to 8 hours to load. As you can imagine this was severely hindering us in all respects. I have owned my mare since she was 4 months old and would never have considered selling her, but before she went to John I felt so demoralised and unmotivated I had drafted the advert. Within a week of being with him she was loading perfectly (something I hadn't even asked him to address). The following week when I rode her we had our first proper canter together which, to be honest, I never believed would happen. The key point here is that, of course, any professional can get her to canter when they are riding, (she was professionally backed and perfect on the flat), but no one had been able to get her and I doing it together. John did, and that is the difference between him and others. Not content with her just doing it for him and his riders, he wanted me to be able to get on and do the same when she came back. Since returning home we have carried on where John left off and have now permanently put our previous problems/mental blocks behind us. My enthusiasm is back, my confidence is growing daily and I can't wait to keep improving. As you can imagine, I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking help and training. My horse wasn't the next 'big thing' and nor am I, and yet John never made us feel inadequate or a waste of his time - which speaks volumes about his generous nature and professionalism. He catered to our ability and goals and helped us to achieve what we set out to do, and more. I am so very grateful to him for all he has done for us.... And the moral of the story? Before you give up and write you and your horse off, see John!

Kieren Leonard

I have been training with John now for 2 years and since this started I have gone from competing in 1.05 classes to winning national finals and jumping 1.40 classes.

Both my horses came from Midland Equestrian and with this came a great understanding of the horses and what was needed with there productions as both horses was jumping young horse classes. I have learnt so much about the management of competition horses and yearly planning through a structured season plan, I feel very confident In my future in the Industry as I have just left school now and been offered my first riding job

Chelsie Moult

I'v been training with John for the past four years. In which he has helped me progress from never jumping a fence and being a complete novice to being a competitive rider producing extremely talented young horses. As well as competing and being placed in major national finals and classes, regularly.

Not only has John supported me through training my riding and my horses but he has helped developed my confidence, given me training plans for in lessons and at home and show advice and regimes. Hes helped me psychologically to become more focused driven and less nervous and anxious. John has been extremely influential on my riding and my mind set for the sport.

He is extremely dedicated and patient putting in all the effort he can not only in training sessions but he supports at shows to, in the collecting ring course walking, you name it he's helped to the best of his ability.

Not only do I train with John but I've purchased all of my horses since the day I met him, from midland equestrian. the service is second to non, the horses are of incredible quality and the detail of the horses explained to you is solid. I wouldn't be able to recommend anyone better than John to go to for a horse or pony as I 100% trust the service they provide the horses they sell and the advice John gives and I wouldn't purchase any horse from anyone else.

John is extremely understanding and I can't thank him enough for all of the time and effort he has put in, not only for my riding but allowing me to be based at his set up which has been invaluable in my experience and development of my riding.

Julia Hardy

I have found John to be one of the most positive trainers I have been lucky enough to work with. He has a sound methodical training programme which gets the best out of every horse and rider he works with. Brilliant "eyes on the ground" and endless enthusiasm also make every session fun.

John has been an excellent mentor for me, encouraging me forward with my own coaching. I think the fact that we regularly travel the two hours to his base for training says everything!

Charlotte Barry

After pursuing working hunter and dressage whilst I owned ponies, I wanted to specialise in showjumping when I moved onto horses. I started having lessons with John to not only train my horse and I, but to also help me understand the discipline. I have been having regular lessons for the past three years, and my progress has been huge. Through lessons, a schedule of home training and show planning, I have trained my first horse Erin from British Novice to 1.25m classes, whilst also producing youngsters. John has helped me to compete successfully in national competitions, and with his guidance I have transformed from a novice showjumper into a competent, well prepared and competitive rider.

Hollie-Mae Hobbs

Although I have showjumped from a young age, I hadn’t had lessons in years and no proper management or plan with my horses. I started training with John just over a year ago and the change has been phenomenal, he has taught me how to structure my training at home and his for competitions and get the horses to their optimum for the best success. John has also given me the confidence to not only step my horses up a level but also break a youngster who is proving to be a brilliant prospect for the future.
Hollie-Mae Hobbs

For any further information please call John on 07799777186.